Once again the PittNews covered absolutly nothing about the same-sex benefits campaign. I think I am a failure and I should get out of this before i Botch it up further. Shannon has promised frontpage coverage tomorrow we will see.

I think I can get myself turn around in art class, that C- scares me to death but I have to get an A on everything else. I am going to really try and focus everything a little more.

I think I was mean to Michele today, but sometimes the things she bring up I feel are so extremely insignicant. Like I could care less, and I know she doesn’t care that reporter died, so I am not sure why she would bother me to let me know.

I am really worried abotu getting that History paper back. It was the worst thing i ever wrote, and personally it shouldn’t even have been turn in. I am going to try to begin focusing on school so much more.

I have to say it is weird how much I like Melissa. I have never really met anyone as sweet as her since Jennifer, she is genuinely nice. I feel bad that assholes like that play teh game in this world wil probably destroy that innocence. There neeeds to be more Melissa’s and fewer joshs.

I need to get to bed because of work, it was a day wher ei didn’t feel much. I think i want to just get way, I should have planned spring break differently.

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