The End of Break

The end of my break is upon me. Both the roommates are back, and life is as loud and obnoxious as it was when I left it last week. parts of my week were great, they were so relaxing. Michele seems to have filled the rest of the week, making life more than strenuous. I wish she wouldn’t say “i love you” she says it because she doesn’t know what emotion to express to a friend, and i think she does it because she knows how uncomfortable it makes me.

I broke my one rule this week and loaned $$ to a friend. I know it was foolish, but maybe I’ll benefit fiscally from it.

I am not looking forward to this week, i did not get the school work finished that I should have, and I am still feeling quite terrible about Dr. Orbach’s class. I need to get on the ball in that call, plus i need to start typing my research paper for Dr. Hall’s class. it hink I am going to set a goal of having all the research completed soon and typed up (by the end of the month.)

I am feeling rejuvinated, I took the bike out on a ride today. It was nice to be out in the sun, I can’t wait for spring to get here. I went to the movies with Sean Rowley today. I feel like I am leading him on, but I do not want to. I hope he sees that I am not interested in him.

I may try to find a party to go to next weekend, I need to get out and start socializing.
Posted on 3.10.2002 at 12:00 AM


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