All Nighter

I am writing this at 2:49 am. I am pulling an all nighter so that I can complete my research paper. I really fucke dup on this one, I should have spent so much more time on it. This is proof that i will not be a good researcher. I am not even sure what i am typing, i just need a grade that is all.

I have decided I am really going to miss him, but I want him to leave. Once he is gone, I know there is nothing I will be able to do, so when he is gone I will rest a little easier. When he told me he way stay until August my heart absolutley sank, I was so hoping that I could see him if I go out to Philadelphia this summer. I wish i understood him.

The weirdest dream came to me last night. Iw as working on my play, something i haven’t done in ages, but will be very glad to get back to once the summer begins. I was on the scene where the Don Jaun character finally says “I Love” and means it, not just his usual ploy to get someone into bed, and as I typed the words, his IM wondow popped up so that I would have to do the “whoops, wrong window” thing.
Posted on 4.26.2002 at 12:00 AM


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