The Internship

The Internship
Today I met with Tony Silvestre. All I can say is, that this man is is what I can only dream of achieving. He sees the big picture with the LGBT community, and knows when to fight and when to live.

We have decided to focus my internship study on the leadership of the local LGBT community and their interaction with the campaign. Why do all of the men hate one another, yet they can agree on voting Ed? And Why don’t they question him. Tony has begun asking what exactly Ed will do, and has stopped relying on what he has done. I respect him a lot for forcing the campaign to take a position on hte community.

I am planning on looking at how the LGBT community deals with elections, candidates, and each other. And at the same time how does a campaign use the community for an election, how to relate them to them candidate, and what is the best strategy to work with them. I think it is going to be a really kewl project.


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