Fire Spinning

This weekend was amazing at best. The reception on Friday went off well. It was ok, but I do not think it was the best one ever. On Saturday morning I had to work at the Computer Learning Center. While I was in class, someone walked into the center and took my backpack from the back room. It had my wallet, my palm, my MD recorder. Basically everything was taken. I really cannot afford to get new books and stuff right now, and this is definitely going to hurt me on my exams on Tuesday. There was an African American man that was not supposed to be in the center around 11:00. I asked him if he needed anything, and he said “no I was just looking for someone.” I assumed he was a janitor or building staff. I believe he was the one that got my bag, because it went missing between 10:30-12:00. I did not mention him in the police report.

After work, Sean and I went to Columbus, Ohio. It was so great to get away from everything. Minus me having no ID or money, I was fairly relaxed. I stayed with David Baiz. I was really strange, because we were not great friends in high school, but I never was able to connect with Andrea Smalley.

I was really nervous to see him. Because we seemed to be mostly acquaintances, I did not know if I would greet him with a hug or handshake or what. The second I saw him I wanted to hug him. I told him we had come out to get Fred Phelpsendorsement of Pitt from the Benefits Campaign. He was very impressed that we would be doing something like that. That was our coming out time. We hung out the whole night chatting and drinking, and reliving Paulding. I really do miss it, and I miss talking about it even more.

He has a big bed, and he didn’t want us to sleep on the floor so he invited Sean and I to both sleep in his bed. Sean did not want to and he decided to stay on the couch. Even though I knew I had to get up in 4 hours we stayed up and talk until 4.30 where I finally dozed off. Around 6, I woke up and found David sleeping very close to me. I touched his hand and we moved a little closer together. I leaned forward and kissed him. We started to fool around and eventually had sex. It was so great. I really liked being with him. I haven’t felt for a guy like this since Troy, and I think I feel much better about this. Too bad it was only one night. A great guy from Paulding, what more could one ask for? 🙂


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