Beau Bridges

Tonight was great. I went over to David’s house and we watched a terrible movie about a mom who tried to hire a hit man to kill a junior high cheerleader. It was so stupid, but we sat apart during the entire movie just watching it. Then when it was almost over we start pressing up against one another and he started rubbing my leg. It was so great, we just kid of lounged on one another feeling very comfortable. I liked it a lot.

It was so hard to look into his eyes, and when I was finally brave enough to do it, the first thing out of my mouth was “what?” I sounded like a complete moron. I cannot believe it. He kind of smiled and shook it off and said “oh nothing.” I touched his forhead and laughed and replied with a “You’re fun” and that was it. We hung out for a bit more and I went out for a cigarette with him. When I finally left he walked me out and gave me a great hug, I only wish it could have lasted longer. We made plans for Saturday; what should we talk about.


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