Jello, Strippers, and Drag Queens

Am I happy with my life? I fear that I am not. I am beginning to feel as I did that summer between my fresh men and sophomore year. I want to run away. I always want to run, and it is always because money. I am rather strapped for cash right now, and going on this trip is not going to help any with this dilemma. I hate it that I get so concerned about this stuff.

My friends are annoying me right now. I find Sean to be overbearing and the Rainbow Office just annoys me to no end. I hate all of this student leadership stuff. After this last week’s drama concerning Andrea and LegCon. I just want out of all of this. I do not want to do politics any longer, and I just want to read. Nevertheless, I think I am forgetting how to be the successful reader I once was.

I do not read with the speed or the clarity I used to read with. Sometimes I turn back and reread. I am not sure what is going on with all of this. I think it is just too many variables in my life. I get to start cutting them all out in 2 months.

There has been a bizarre influx of dates in my life, and little sex. I think the promiscuous days of past are on hiatus. Am I ready to settle down? I hope not.
Posted on 2.23.2003 at 12:00 AM


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