Boxed Wine and Jazz

Tonight I had a bunch of people over for one last party before summer took hand. I will rightly say that I am glad I did it. The cooking was not too intense, and everyone seemed to enjoy the final product. I am going to miss Paul a lot, and I fear it will be a significant amount of time before him and I get to hang out again. He is a great friend and a great organizer. It is people like Paul Cooley that are going to make a difference for all of us some day. I hope I can maintain the momentum he created for the benefits campaign next year.

It was very interesting to watch Lee and Anthony this evening. I was warned that there was a considerable amount of drama between the two right now. It seems that the new roommate Charles is quite a wedge in their long-standing relationship. Anthony is definitely over compensating with his PDA, and yet Lee?s attention is dedicated to Charles. It is sad to see a relationship deteriorate, but affirming of my own stance toward growing old with someone. Anthony is going (and is) to be extraordinarily hurt when Lee and Charles finally fuck.

In the midst of writing this entry I was interrupted by my neighbor Betsy and her extremely cute roommate Josh. We went to New York New York with this guy named Dave. He is a nice older man who is loaded, so I was okay with him buying drinks for us. NYNY was fun. I was hit on by some trashy guy named Dan, who would sit down next to me and grab my balls. Then say, ?I am so trash.?

I was polite and would reply, ?yes you are trashed.?

And he would say ?No no, I am not trashed by I am TRASH? so that was kind of cute in a drunken slobbering whore sort of way. I also sat next to a really nice gentleman by the name of Grant, who had just moved to Pittsburgh from Minneapolis. He is a sculptor and is getting ready for a show in Garfield. I gave him my name and number and told him I would love to see the show in august, and that he must let me know about it. Hope he does.

I ended the evening, sitting with Ethan Pullman. He is a professor at Pitt, and we sat on the anti-discriminatory policies committee together. We had a grand bitch session, and he gave me a ride home. It was really great to talk to him. What a nice guy. When I get settled in California I am going to email him.


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