Sorry that it has taken me so long to post from my last post, since then a few stories have risen up to make you laugh cry and cringe. Remember that boy Philip, well I am convinced he is some sort of refugee that lives on people’s couches and eats only when he has money. Well after the convivium he basically asked me to sleep with him that night, he then got so stoned he couldn’t even walk that opportunity never arose.

Well my final exam was a bomb, but i did improve my score from what I have been receiving, so it supports a small light at the end of this tunnel. I can kind of read the bible, which I find shocking to no end. The bible is very easy compared to Herodotus, but i can sometimes read that too. I started preparing some things for a venture into philosophical studies I would like to partake in on my on time this fall, and I have been doing some readings in Marxist studies, in an effort to host a Marxist study group once a month next year.

Not much is going on out here, it is quiet and I am doing a lot of personal work. I skipped class one day to go to the Berkeley Rose Garden. Friday I got stoned(on medicinal I found on the street) and went to bed early because yesterday I went to the Sonoma Valley on the a wine tasting tour. It was very good, and I enjoyed myself a lot.

Gisela leaves for Puerto Rico on Tuesday. I am sure I will have plenty to write about after that, so stay tuned.
Posted on 6.27.2003 at 2:19 PM


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