First off I want to thank you all again for worrying about me so much. You are all so sweet and I am sure I could not be doing this without you. This week has been an interesting one. Gisela has decided to not return to the drill portion of the course or take any more examinations; she is working on her thesis in the morning and going to lecture. Krissy has had chats with Han, Will, and Justin … it seems as though they know we all work really hard and they are surprised and honored that I am still around. I guess people that fail as bad as I do usually bolt. I have no plans to leave but I am going to not stress out nearly as much as I have been.

This morning was the first time I have skipped class during the summer. I went to my coffee shop to pick up my double espresso as usual, and when she said, “To go as Usual?” I responded with “no, I think I’ll have it here today.” I sat there in the coffee shop and read Edmund white all morning, and then went to the afternoon lecture. It was very nice and relaxing. We only have one more exam and it is not this Friday but next. It is over the entire book and is worth 35% off our grade, and the passages will be actual Greek sources. I do not want to take it at all.

I am going to settle back and read a little Foucault before dinner. I write more a little later tonight, but just so you are aware, I am doing GREAT, and am enjoying (learning about) myself!
Posted on 7.9.2003 at 2:21 PM


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