Hello all.

I did not study much this weekend. I spent it relaxing after a terrible date I had on Friday night, It was a blind date from gay.com and the guy ended up be a very nice person. But I am only here for five more weeks so I am not looking for nice, I am looking for a hook up with their own place and some one who will buy me drinks. Oh well.

Well I came home after he walked me to the BART and went to bed, but then the drama in my dorm picked up. The next morning Phil from Greek Class was in Kirk, my roommates, bed because he had passed out there after getting hammered, making out with Meredith, and the catching her making out with another guy. He then burst in to tears and was lead to my room, where I find him the next morning. Phil is this cute 18 year old boy, who is gay. I sensed it from day one, and he eventually told Caroline he was Bisexual. Well that morning we sat outside on the bench he he asked me if I was a top or bottom, and then asked me what it is like to lose one’s virginity.

After we part he goes up to Meredith’s room where he left his bag. She asked him to go out out tonight, and agreed. So he is no where near coming completely out of closet. He casually flirted with me after class today, running out of the hallway to walk me down the steps and light my cigarette.

I think I am identifying with his coming out process far too much. This is a bit of drama that I do not need to add to my repertoire.


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