I approach my final days here on the west coast, and I am going to miss it. I will write an entire synopsis and my final thoughts of the summer,

I have found that I love California. After I returned from the wedding on Sunday, I was so happy to be back. Everything is good about it, and I do not need to listen to all of the petty ideas and attempts by my comrades in Pittsburgh.

I have learned a lot out here, I can kind of read. My biggest problem is that my vocabulary sucks. The teacher for my Herodotus course is very sympathetic to me but the instructor for my bible course is not at all. He is also teaching Plato, and I think he assumes that the Bible is so easy that all should be excellent at it. My problem is my wilting enthusiasm. I am just very tired, and very frustrated and my own incompetence. So I am not working as hard in the evening as I should. I have also taken an interest in philosophy again. I am trying to really understand Derrida, but am having a bit of trouble. I hope to at least be able to use his approaches in some writings this fall.

I am of course rethinking my decision to banish academia from my future. It is no going to be an immediate return, but I think that I will want to return. I am off to Big Cique in a few hours so I must get some sleep.



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