I am scared out of my mind right now. I am sitting in the Quiet Storm listening to Soma Mestizo, and on my way here I was harassed by a bunch of hooligans. I was walking down Penn avenue with my backpack and headphones on, when I had to walk through a group of kids (teenagers I presume.) When I walked by one of the kids through water on me. I ignored it and when I got across the street one of them through their water bottle at me and yelled “another white guy in the neighborhood”. I turned back and they began laughing, so I just assumed it was kids being obnoxious and I kept walking. They began to follow me so I quickened my pace to put some distance from us. They started yelling at someone across the street, and I assumed their attention on me was at an end. I walked for another block and a half, and turned around to realize they were gaining on me. I put my cell to my ear, in some odd effort to make it look like I didn’t care that they were following me.

Then I heard the one that yelled before, “Hey stop, I said stop.” He pulled up his shirt, and yelled “I will shoot you if you do not stop.” At that same time 2 guys came from the back part of a parking lot running along the side of me. They started yelling at me, and said, “Get on the ground.” It seemed as though they were in the original group, and circled around the building to come out beside me. I am not sure though. I just started walking really fast, and for some reason they stopped following me. I am not sure why, maybe it was because the traffic picked up a little bit.

Anyway I am still scared, and I am not enjoying the band. I don’t really want to walk out of here, but I think I will be ok. I hate being scared.

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