I am just writing. This is stoned writing . I got stones before 5 on a Thursday. Yay! I am listening to the time warp from rocky horror.

And a step rights
Put your hands on your hips
Put your knees in tight

So I am not really sure what all I am writing about but it is kind of fun to just listen to the keeps on my computer just tap tap tap away. If anyone writes this I am sure they will think wah?

The Nightmare Before Christmas music came. I love it. I wish I had the pizzazz of jack the Pumpkin King. This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Halloween. Halloween. Oh my god the song has only been on 2 minutes, it seems like an hour, but maybe I checked it 2 minutes ago, so it would be four minutes. That is hilarious.

I really think Rufus Wainwright would understand me. When I listen to him I do not understand him, but I feel so many of his emotions. I think if we met, he would be a rare person who could look into my wincing emotion pump. I wish he had sung halleluiah as sing it to a boy instead of a girl.

I am going to speak at Rainbow tonight and my opening line will be “there is a specter over America tonight” do you think they’ll be able to place it. I doubt it. No ones wants revolution, I think that is because they think they see a lite at the end of the tunnel. We all think benefits are within grasp, but we are all slaves to this. This insane system of give a little and shut them up. We should be angry. I am angry.
Posted on 10.16.2003 at 7:04 PM


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