the corner of my mouth is lifting

So here I am writing, I sat down in front of the computer to actually look some stuff up on Chechnya. I feel like I know very little about the subject, and would like to get a better look at it. Alas, though I am writing my thoughts here. It is really nice to write. I love to do it, and I do it so rarely. Enough blathering and allow me to write what is going on with my life.

So there is a new boy, and his name is Neal. And like all of the others I really like him a lot. He is nice and very cute, and incredibly funny. He is not too political, which is really great, because I do not feel like have to perform for him the entire time. Last night his bike tire went flat, and he didn’t want to walk it all the way home, so he stayed here. It was so nice, I think because it was so unexpected. I really like him and he is super hot. The physical relationship is rather odd, we had sex the first time we ever went out, but we haven’t since then. I mean we have fooled around and done other stuff, but it always seems to be a lot of making out and then dozing off. This does not bother me, but I hope he does not think I am anti-sex or something. I am not sure. I really do not want to screw this up.

Other things in my life, I almost didn’t graduate because of a ‘g’ grade I received on a paper I wrote. But I fixed it, and I have still not finished a final draft of that STUPID book chapter I was asked to write. He wrote me back and asked for it to be more scientific. I scoffed and haven’t looked at it since.

Work has been entirely too stressful and I feel like I am letting everyone down by spreading myself too thin. I am not sure. I really wish I did not have to work and just stay home and read, and be in love. I think that would be the world’s greatest adventure. Life is already beginning to seem far too mundane. But alas, I am smiling more, and I will let you all know that as I wrote about Neal I smiled the entire time.


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