Sebastian Melmoth

I sit wanting to write, and just cannot. I do believe I have fallen in love again, and as usual it feels like the most unique feeling in the world. I feel like this hasn’t ever happened before. How can love feel so differently each time it happens and yet make you feel so euphoric? This is a question I am attempting to unravel this evening.

I dare say that this love is something that repeatedly exists in my life. A love of yearning and delight this truly is. I feel wonderful around him, and I refuse to believe a thousand nymphs or a million sonnets could ever express the brightness of my smile. I have no choice in this feeling; my life is filled with a careening sensation of emotion. And I am thoroughly enjoying every single moment of it.

I do not want to be a coward and run from this, but be the brave man to embrace it, and throw myself it its open arms. I am having fun, more fun than I have had in a long time. I wonder how he feels about it sometimes, but I am not sure, and far too timid to ask. I must be off now. I will write more as my thoughts settle.



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