When Cupid's eyes went green…

First off to Princejent, thank you for keeping me motivated in writing this terribly dreary story for all of you readers. Dreary not because of the story

So it has been a week since I have filled the world in on the “him & I” situation, but if you are interested in knowing all seems to be well … I think. Of course as you know, I was really hurt and angry with him last week. On Tuesday night when I got home, I was feeling really down, so I had a couple glasses of some Dominican rum I had been saving. Before you knew it I was on the back stoop mumbling my words, and attempting to write a letter to a friend who lives in Chile. Well I drank some more, and he called me, but I dutifully told him that we shouldn’t talk because I was not of sound mind. I then passed out on the couch and woke up at 1:00 am realizing my phone had been beeping for a few hours, because he had tried to call me back. Well we didn’t really talk much last week, and on Thursday I asked him if he would like to have dinner on Friday. He said he would, but had to check his schedule for a time (though his acceptance seemed a bit reserved.) He called back a few hours later and set up a time, and then added “oh and do you mind if Christina comes?” I knew she must have been sitting beside him, so I like a weakling said “no I do not mind at all.”

Now I am pissed at him again. I have no problem hanging out with friends and doing group stuff, but when the person you have been seeing for a few months asks you out for dinner on FRIDAY, you do not invite a third. That is a date in my book, and you do not bring a third wheel. Now it is Friday and it is work, and he calls me to firm up the time. And I ask Him, “you know, would you rather just have dinner with Christina tonight.” He firmly answered, “no,” which made me feel a lot better and seemed rather taken aback by my presumption that I was a third wheel in his prearranged plans.

So allow us to take a subtle digression. Neal has been hanging out with this really hot guy named Paul a lot. He is new in town, and he is a friend of a friend. I am told he is straight, but I do wonder. Anyway Neal is one of the few people Paul knows in the city, so I understand why he is gravitating toward him. Although I am a bit jealous because I am really scared to lose Neal.

So it is Friday after work, and Neal calls me to say he, Christina, and Paul just got to the place they were running errands to, and they would be late for dinner. I promptly canceled dinner, and said we should just plan some other time. Now many of you should realize a group of us (5) have had a trip planned for the weekend to a small town about 2 hours north for a friend’s party.

Now it is Saturday and I drive over to pick him up. Who walks out? but Paul with Neal. GGGGRRRRR, they say good-bye and we get into the car. I ask Neal how his night was, and he tells me was up till 6 in the morning watching movies at Paul’s place (with Christina) and they went out for bagels that morning. So now I am mad and jealous, and I do not know what to say. We get back to my place, and I go in my room, because we are waiting on one other person. That is when I shut the door and asked if everything was alright? He said he thought I was mad at him, and he thought everything was going great. I apologized for being a bitchy queen, and all seemed ok.

That is the update, and so I am still a bit nervous about this “straight” Paul character, but we will see. The weekend went well, but it is a story with a different theme and flow to it, so I will write it later.


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