i forgot and left the lunch meat on the counter for 9 hours

I have been thinking about being so scared about this whole boy situation. The more I think about, the more a single thought keeps creeping into my mind. I am in love with him. I really am. But I think this is foolish because we just really met a few months ago (April 10th to be exact.) Why am I so scared to admit that I am in love? Is this an American thing or is it a western idea in general? When I read books and watch great films, people can love and express their love (verbally) so easy most of the time. However, now it seems like there is a requisite waiting period to announce that you have fallen in love with someone. And even then you are gambling a lot. It is just a statement “I love you” not a big deal I think, however it makes us wake in our very stead.

The reason I am scared due to the fact that last week was a turbulent week, and this week has been hell. Work has been busy for me and he started graduate school on Monday. So he has even less time than he did before. Now I am in a bluster. I do not want to press to seem him all the time, but deep down I really do want to spend as many moments with him as possible. I wish I wasn’t so scared about feeling the way I do


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