Calling All Christians, Blue Light Special on America!

Up in Wisconsin another school board has decided that morality is an easier subject to educate on than logic and reason. In a state that went to John Kerry by something to the effect of .5%, the right-wing nutcases are going after the children. The Grantsburg School District has decided that the mythology of Biblical creationism should be taught as fact, along side with good old fashion evolution.

First off, how in the fuck are we still having the debate on evolution? I mean come on folks, Evolution seems like a pretty simple and straight forward theory, and if your brain cannot wrap around it then I do not know what to say. If you somehow can make more sense out of a talking burning bush, or how Adam and Eve met people when they left the garden even though they are the first people, than you are either a) far wiser than me, or b) a complete fucking lunatic.

I am going to lean toward ‘b’. With the Bushies trenched in on Pennsylvania Ave, these right wing lunatics who have slowly taken over all of the facets of America, are going to start spending their political capital. We should not just be preparing a fight against this administration, but be prepared to fight every one of their supporters that surround us. The fight is not just against these wicked white men, at the top, but also against 59,458,641 (completely white and almost totally dumb) who truly believe this country needs a radical right wing direction.

What can we do? Get involved with your school board, and make sure lines about morals and values do not start appearing in our children’s’ curriculum.


2 thoughts on “Calling All Christians, Blue Light Special on America!

  1. Well, the 59 million plus WEREN’T completely white, and that is part of the problem for the Democratic party. Some 44% of hispanics who voted chose to side with the Republicans, and while it was a small amount, 10% of black voters did as well. I haven’t seen figures on Asian or Polynesian voters, but I believe they were surprisingly close as well. Part of the reason this thing wasn’t all that close in the popular vote was because so many minorities who the Dems took for granted found common cause with the crazy man in the White House. Also, you lost Ohio because African Americans there voted for Bush about 20% of the time, far higher than in the rest of the country. Had they not done so, Kerry may have won, and even if he hadn’t it would have been much, much closer, well within the margin in which it would have been prudent to fight on.

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