It is not fun being in the Special Ed country

I am really embarrassed this time. I mean I am really red in the face. I think the one group of people more shocked by the outcome of this election than the volunteers, is that group that is made up of everyone but Americans. The international community is absolutely dumb founded it seems that George W actually got himself elected.

Though not all countries enjoy America’s tendency to low brow pomposity, I assume they believe that we can still run our own lives. This time I feel like we may have proven them wrong. That great piece of journalistic integrity Pravda, is looking for anything to explain this outcome. Americans could not possibly be as dumb as this! How could they elect a man who clearly stole his first election, has done a terrible job at an imperialistic military incursion, and destroyed the world’s most powerful economy. Good god he is so dumb, there used to be a television program dedicated to making fun of him.

Now now ruskies, don’t get too worked up. First off, if it was stolen, there is no way to ever figure it out, and secondly I fear he was really elected this round. Your guy ain’t to great either, and we are just waiting for you to role without wincing over Chechnya. Hell, your last elections, looked pretty sketchy as well, and at least John Kerry wasn’t disappeared. Though I do concede it does seem like every American needs an international babysitter.

Even one of those outstanding British tabloids ran the front page that has been circulating around the internet stating How could 59,000,000 be so dumb? An excellent question that is going to take a little more time to figure out. My fear now is that I am going to have study a bit before I go abroad the next time, just so I can prove that I am not from the dumb half of America, but the half who is educated enough to blind themselves from the bad traits of our candidate.


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