A Sodomite can raise my child before a GOPer anyday

In Virginia the head of the Grand Old Party has said that a local Gay-Straight Alliance is a homosexual advocacy group. Though this is not a shocking story it still makes my skin crawl. These people are truly evil. They are going to fight to shutdown any sort of group that fosters pride and community support for queer youth, and at the same time make sure all of the prayer groups and praise the lord parties are completely sanctioned by the school boards.

Though I have never been a fan of groups like PFLAG or GLSEN, if they begin to organize against these people who are attacking their children than I am in full support. All of you should try to keep an eye out for these local tyrannies that are going to keep happening one at a time. They will be a much more difficult wound to heal, I fear, than the bludgeoning W is going to give all of us.


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