Et tu, Brute?

Out of this whole election season, I learned a lot about a part of politics I had not yet experienced. Though I learned a lot, I had one tactic that I really liked to see. It was really great to see fascists get outed. The tactic of outing is a controversial one in the gay community. There are some liberal goody-goodies who think “everyone has the right to come out at their own pace and under their own circumstances.” Well to some extent I would agree with this, I do believe if we as queer people are going to come into our then we should be the one taking the first step.

However, the people being outed are NOT young little college gay boys. They are grown men, who partake in sex with men, and (the clincher when it comes to the criterion) they must be anti-queer. See , it is very simple. If you shit where I eat, then I am allowed to bite you. A law of nature, if you will. The people at blogActive have been heading up this campaign, I dutifully encourage all of you to support their efforts.

If you are a queer person and decide that attacking the queer community (whether you decide to be a part of it or not) is your prerogative, than I have no problem destroying your life. AND if you believe coming out is the worst thing in the world, than well, fuck you! Here is a lesson, I came out over four years ago, and I have had a great time. My skin got better, learned a lot about French wines, and well the sex … wait a minute … these guys are having sex! They are going to clubs, meeting people, and enjoying themselves, it is during their 9-5 that they decide arrange the trains.

I think there should be more outing of anti-queer politicians and the leading members of their cadres. These people do not deserve the same respect the queer community deserves. They are the enemy in a war that has clearly begun, These vile betrayers will not pick their fate as Brutus did, but should be met with the as much ferocity as the community can muster.


One thought on “Et tu, Brute?

  1. When I was participating in the effort for domestic partner health care benefits at Carnegie Mellon, as a member of the University Human Relations Committee, I was “outed” by an opponent to the Board of Trustees. A senior faculty member of the Physics Dept. saw fit to mention in a letter to the Board that “Duane Williams was promoting a radical homosexual agenda,” a fact that really had nothing to do with whether or not the University should offer DP benefits. What he apparently didn’t understand is that one can’t “out” an openly gay person. 😉

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