A not so intelligent move

Is anyone else looking at what is happening with Intelligence Bill that is to implement the changes of the September 11 Commission. Rarely do I follow legislation and its progress, but after I downloaded the testimonies of the Commission on iTunes for a car trip, I have stayed interested in this fiasco. This bill, though I do deem necessary, and something that I think could lead to very frightening circumstances, was too pass very easily the house in the senate. It was not rushed, it has been in committee, and out again, it had the endorsement of the Bushies, what could go wrong? And don’t forget W. talked about this bill all of the time on his campaign stump. Intelligence needs to be able to work together,. Blah blah blah

Anyhow, to the point, the bill has been stalled. How in the fuck did that happen, do you ask? The GOPers have pulled it from being voted? This all seems illogical, seeing that it would pass so easily and make the President look “Tony the Tiger” great with all of the people scared of Al-Qaeda attacking grain silos in rural America. Well, the GOPers who are stalling it say they got a letter from the Joint Chiefs to hold it up. You would think if the Bushies are the one cohesive group that everyone claims they are the Joint Chief’s problems with the bill would have been remedied a while ago. Though that seems logical, that is not what happened. All of this came down the tunnel, when lo and behold W left town to visit Chile (and get the shit protested out of him by the way.)

Did Rummy and his henchmen deliberately wait for W to leave or is all of this a coincidence? The Department of Defense would have lost a bit of budgeting control in this Bill so it is easy to see how they would have been not pleased with the reforms. I do not know what is going on in W’s house, but it seems like the Joint Chiefs, Rummy, and the DOD maybe in a bit of a pinch. They are either the ones clearly in charge or are making a power play to make sure some of the zealous policy wonks Bush picked up during the campaign don’t hold his ear too long.


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