Coffee and absurdity, what a treat to wake up to.

I tend to read a lot of news during the day, and lately it has been tough to really focus on a story to write about. It just seems like there is SO MUCH shit in the media, that reading it is tiring enough. Whether it is Martha Stewart Smuggling butter or Vanessa Redgrave starting her own political party I just can’t take it anymore. So while wading through all of this I found one thing that was actually good, and it was even on that wretched piece of furniture known as the television.

Today on Meet the Press, one of the greatest men in American politics, Al Sharpton was on debating Jerry ‘the pig’ Falwell. Falwell and his cohort Richard Land continually couched the argument for the need to end the right to abortion as being equivalent to the end of slavery. With of course Falwell at one time actually saying “You’re just anti-America” to Sharpton.

Falwell and Land are as stupid as they look. Their skills in rhetoric are limited at best, and it fascinates me they have actually rose to this level of power. Even as Russert pointed out the old Falwell quote of blaming 9/11 on Queers, Pagans, and Feminists, Falwell said “AND lethargic churches.” There was no “yeah that was fucked up of me to say, none, these people are pigs.

What a great Sunday morning for me …


One thought on “Coffee and absurdity, what a treat to wake up to.

  1. Josh, you clearly should have spent the morning reading Jon Stewart’s book, which wouldn’t have been so depressing. Watching Falwell when you’re just starting your day is definitely not a good idea.


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