The AP reported a story that I assume is suppose to be a vilification of, but if one reads it correctly it is great account of who actually worked during this election. Eli Pariser supposedly wrote an email to Terry McAuliffe stating that we own the Democratic Party now. I am sure the pundits will be rebuking MoveOn, telling them that you can’t buy a party, but when Eli says we, he is not talking about the gigantic 527 that MovOn is, but he is talking about the progressively minded people that woke up because of this election. Pariser is absolutely correct in this statement, and I trust his judgment on it. After working for a 527 during the election campaign I realized they are amazing tools to get around the layers of Democratic Party bullshit and actually go out there and talk to people. McAuliffe is no doubt scared to death of people like Eli Pariser, because he (with many others) figured out how to raise a ton of money outside of McAuliffe’s tight-knit cadre of corporate sponsors. Before the Democratic Party throws all its weight onto demonizing the 527’s who actually did work, unlike the political masturbation that has cost them election after election, I hope all of the 527’s can stand up and defend Pariser against the these establishment junkies.

I feel just fine in starting a cleansing of the Democratic Party.


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