A tear for Dick Clark, A clenched fist For Regis

Truly apologize for not writing very much in the last two weeks, but the Holiday season keeps me very busy. I get to see so many of my comrades from across the globe, that I have little time to do other things. That being said allow me to quickly write a few things, and know I will be getting ready to begin again at the first of the year.

First off, I extend my sympathy to the tsunami victims in south east Asia. It is disgusting to think about how little the US in contributing to this cataclysmic disaster, but when you need money to make bombs, I guess there are priorities.

While visiting my family in Ohio I spent a lot of time surfing online at night, (Northwest Ohio is not known for its rocking scene.) I ran across two queer-military related articles. The first is about a marine who killed an Iraqi that he consensually had sex with. I have very little to say on this, but if you’re a fag do not try to bottle it up inside, only bad shit comes from it. Also, this is the quintessential American-Iraqi story. We meet, we have great sex, and then we shoot them.

The second story is about a Tranny Prostitute who gets shot by marine. Luckily this marine was killed in a hail of police bullets.

That is all I have for today. Have a great New Years, and remember your pork and sauerkraut on Saturday!


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