Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again

Today the
New York Times carried an excellent editorial about the absurdity of Bush’s rush to privatize social security
. Though the sentence about a follow-up editorial makes me a wee up nervous, as a whole the editorial is right on. Everyone needs to take a few minutes to read this, it is addressed the realties of the Bush plan, and quite succinctly exposed the enormous flaws in his solution. The best paragraph is:

”In effect, the administration’s plan would get rid of the financial burden of Social Security by getting rid of Social Security. The plan shifts the financial risk of growing old onto each individual and off of the government – where it is dispersed among a very large population, as with any sensible insurance policy. In a privatized system, you may do fine, but your fellow retirees may not, or vice versa.”

These pigs have waited a long time to destroy this system. The one thing that does not judge you based on who you are, whether you are rich, poor, black or, white everyone gets it. And this is exactly why they have waited for the day, when they could finally erase FDR from our lives. Just like they did with Iraq, they have created a non-existent crisis, and they are going to try to get you so scared that you will not even notice as they shake every last coin from our pockets.

Unfortunately I say, the war for our futures is well under way.

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