A Boxer in our corner

This week Barbara Boxer made it onto my personal heroes list. Finally a Senator stepped up to stand beside the members of the house who knew that the election process was totally screwed up. It reminds me of that first scene in Fahrenheit 9/11 (probably the best scene in the entire movie) when Michael Moore says “Not one Senator stood up to help the African Americas in Congress.”

As I was driving home from work yesterday, I was listening to Sean Hannity rail on Boxer. He of course called her despicable for questioning the very integrity of America. First off, I know that it is no surprise that Sean Hannity is a douche bag, but Sean, read a fucking Civics book. It is the prerogative of the senate to question a clearly haywire election process.

Another great comment about all of this came from my Senator, the man on dog wonder, Rick Santorum. He said, “This is a travesty. They’re still not over the 2000 election, let alone the 2004 election.” umm yeah, we are not over you stealing an election for the most powerful seat in the world. God damn I hate that guy.

Sister Boxer is a great American, and I know she not stupid enough to actually believe she would change the outcome of the President. She is the first Senator in a long time to actually act like the public servant she is, so if you have a minute please drop her an email and say thank you for doing your job. Many people have praised her as being noble, though I think nobility had nothing to do with this. I generally hate the praise of nobility, I find it to be a pointless exercise in politeness and civil obedience, but whatever you think her reasoning for standing up against the Bush machine, congratulate her. I fear she will be on Bushies’ hit list during her next election, so we must be willing to raise our friends to our shoulders so others know they are not standing alone.


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