Absolutely Disgusting

They are coming! The reparative therapy christians are still on the move, and do not seem to be slowing.

The group in charge of this sick and totally incorrect sign has two shops (Katallage Ministries & Dunamis Ministries)in my home base of Pittsburgh PA. These people destroy lives and should be punished. I had a high school psychology teacher actually promote this practice, and told our class that it was a completely acceptable therapy method. I swear, if one of these billboards appears in my town, I will scream … then organize.


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Disgusting

  1. No kidding… If one of those suckers slimes it’s way up in Pittsburgh they will “Rue The Day”!!! (Ok, so I just wanted to say “rue the day”) – but for real…It won’t stay up for long if I can help it.

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