A Local Rant

One more reason why I hate republicans is because they buy democrats. Mike Diven, a local representative in Pittsburgh, has switched parties. I see that there are even commercials on the local channels, inviting his constituents to come talk to him about the switch. I wonder how this moron could afford commercials, hmm, I know because the GOP are paying for the things I am sure. The republicans have started buying democrats, like they did in Texas in the past. This is how Rove actually firmed up a lot of victories in the beginning, he paid people to switch parties, so that he could grab their base and have a politician in his pocket.

This trend is quite discomforting at best. It happened earlier this fall, when Allen Kukovich was beaten by Bob Regola, a former democrat who switched to the Republican party. Also take note, that Nathan Shrader a top aide to Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor (D), worked on Regola’s campaign to defeat the best democrat in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Why are all of these Democrats leaving and switch sides? For one they are all a bunch of greedy self-serving pigs, who could care less about party policy and only about victory and power. Secondly, the Democratic Party has no party discipline. I am glad these pigs are out of our ranks, but not at the cost of the rest of the party. I am very scared the GOP will buy the democratic party like they did in Texas, and we need to start running a tighter ship if we are to survive in the near future.


3 thoughts on “A Local Rant

  1. Your analysis might hold more water if you did not completely ignore the fact that the state Democratic leadership spent enormous sums of money to defeat Diven in the primary.

    If anyone gave the man reason to jump ship, it was his own party for turning against him. This after-the-fact talk of “loyalty to the party” is completely worthless after the lack of loyalty the party showed him.

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