Service, the media, and the leadership

Matt Drudge, conservative Muckraker, announced Bill Frist’s “Justice Sunday” telecast yesterday as a Holy War. Today, and today alone, I will agree with Matt Drudge. Bill Frist stood in front of cameras yesterday and declared a war against all of those not on his side of the new Christian fundamentalism. He let these right wing Christian nut balls, pay for a huge telecast where he could stand up and threaten to remove the filibuster from the rules of the Senate.

Admittedly I have not been following the anti-filibuster story very much. That being said, it is not acceptable for the senate majority leader to host a snake-handling, rapture, & righteous Sunday telecast. It is a flashback to Emperor Constantine sitting at First Council of Nicaea. These assholes really believe that their religion is under attack, and believe that their theocracy is the only saving grace.

“The majority on the Supreme Court are unelected, unaccountable, arrogant, imperious, want to redesign culture according to their own biases, are out of control, and I think they need to be reigned in…I agree with Majority Leader Tom DeLay.” — Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman, Focus on the Family

Oh yeah Jimmy? And I suppose you and your assholes Christian soldiers are the ones to reign them in. Be afraid American people. The republicans started using these fundamentalists 20 years ago to get more and more power, and now they do not know how to control them. They are going to destroy the senate and fill our judiciary with Christian clerics who have ideas that will make most rational people stare in shocked disbelief.

They have no respect for people of other religions, for America people, or anyone slightly different from their dogmatic cookie cutter. They will officially recombine religious zeal with conservative politics, to destroy any conservative or liberal secularism that may have existed in this country.


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