Humbert’s Pink Plates

A friend of mine told me about a little story in Ohio (my home state) concerning pink license plates. One of fine members of the legislators think it is a great idea to further the humiliation of sex offenders and force them all to have pink license plates. There are a couples layers here. Let’s get started.

The first, WHAT THE FUCK? Ok I got that off my chest.

Now to the meat and potatoes: I am not convinced that posting signs in a yard or personal humiliation of these people is at all a good thing. Marking people so that they can be easily recognized is sick and reeks of Nazism. This does not lead to the rehabilitation of convict and cannot really do anything to ease the mind of victims. This punishment is cruel and unusual, and I see absolutely no positive results. I understand the visceral reaction toward sexual predators; it is sad and revolting to find out why people do these actions.

Instead of spending money on stupid pink plates and other unusual punishments, we need to pour more money into figuring out why people do this. How can we successfully rehabilitate sexual predators so that they can function in society? This is what we should be investing in and not this absurdity.

This is not blatantly anti-gay, but the whole marking people with pink just makes you wonder what connection this man makes in his mind.

And guess what? I can’t even blame this one on of the republicans. It’s god damned democrat.

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