No One Can Help

I have been looking at the article in Al Jazeera about Rumsfeld for about a week now, and other than outrage I had very little to say about it. For those of you who have not read the article yet, Al Jazeera claims that Rummy met with that evil dictator Saddam Hussein and offered him freedom if he could stop the civil war in Iraq.

It is reported that Hussein rejected the offer and Rummy denies that it ever happened. If this is true (which I suspect it is) it shows just how out of control the entire situation is. I guess Rumsfeld was chosen, because he and Saddam used to have a much more cordial relationship in the old days. But all good things come to an end, especially when your old buddy writes the script on how to depose you.

But if the movies have taught me one thing, it is that two evil villains cannot work together forever. One always becomes too greedy and knocks the other one off too early. This is certainly the first’s demise. Rummy, a man Henry Kissinger once called the most ruthless individual he had ever met, has no control over Iraq, needs his old buddy’s help, and knows he will not be able to get himself into Iran before the 2008 election. Oh Runny, what will you ever do?

Rumsfeld, a man clearly smarter than his superiors, is pissed. He is stuck, and knows that in the end he is going to be blamed for the whole mess. Hussein, a severely despicable man, will not even associate with him any more. If not him, then who?


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