A Rumor in Pittsburgh

Well this is strictly rumor, because I have not seen the press release yet, but one of my most trusted comrades told me this story. I have been a member of the Pittsburgh queer community for over four years and I feel like I am very comfortable here. The story I am about to relay makes me sad and angry about the community I have trusted for these years.

My friend AJ went to a Pride Fest organizing committee meeting the other day to offer some help. While he was there the group went over things that had been accomplished. One of these was a press release sent to the local media agencies. It specifically requested the press not to focus on drag queens and/or leathermen. The group then proceeded to talk about how only one drag performance would be allowed this year to try to present a less outrageous front for everyone.

I am working on obtaining a copy of the press release right now, and as I find more information I will post follow up information. I find this entirely unacceptable and I do not support trying to gain strength by shoving some of us back in the closet. We are a community and we need to have pride in all of it.

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