I’m Back

Today I am posting to let everyone know that I am going to get back to a more regular schedule of posting on my blog. June was a busy month for me; I was traveling on the weekends, working a lot, and helping to organize a protest against Rick Santorum. On my journeys, I was able to the see the Broadway musical Avenue Q. Friends of mine know this is a stereotype I don’t necessarily attract to, but this show was FABULOUS. The best way to describe it is Sesame Street on crack. There are humans, puppets, and monsters. They curse, talk about porn, poke fun and liberals and conservatives, and even have onstage puppet sex. A must see the next time you are in NYC.

Back to life commentary…


2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. yo josh what the hell is up, i see your vitriol is as fierce as ever. i was just watching 30 days and this anti-gay guy goes to live with a gay guy in the castro for 30 days, so i thought of you. i dont think “jesus christ vampire slayer” was part of his initiation into gay culture though.
    i apologize that this is so poorly written, i’m tired…

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