Harry Potter 6 (Potential spoiler)

Moments ago I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (so I am a bit exhausted) after hanging out with small children at midnight of last night to pick up a copy. This is by the far the most different and unique of all the Potter stories this far. It is extremely dark and down right frightening at times, dealing with themes that make the other books look, well childish.

The book ends with a setup to one of the greatest finale volumes in modern literature. I have no idea when Rowling is going to write the new book, but that will be the end game. She took extraordinary measure in this book, to start weaving former plots together so a final resolve can be met.

This book is not just about Harry fighting Voldemort this time. It springboards from the Order of the Phoenix’s very serious political underpinning to psychological dissection of being the good guy. Though we are all fighting for a great world of peace, love, and organic food will this lead us inextricably unprotected from others? This is just one type of question that arise in the newest book.

I do not want to spoil to much for anyone, because you should be all reading it at this point, but some incredible things happen. Love is in the air again, and it is not just little kid giggly love any longer, but more developed feelings between characters. Another main character shuffles off their mortal coil, and oh yes a new teacher!

I‘ll write more later but I am tired.


One thought on “Harry Potter 6 (Potential spoiler)

  1. (possible spoiler)

    I wasn’t frightened, Josh. It’s just a story about some sexually frustrated teens and some old farts running around a castle in drag. 😉

    Perhaps Rowling will decide that she’s rich enough and tired of writing now and will forego writing the finale. It’s evident that she’s running out of steam. This new book is 200+ pages shorter than the previous one.

    Besides, what chance does poor Harry have? If he can’t defeat Snape, how can he possibly defeat Voldemart? Harry’s a wimp who has been real lucky thus far to have Dumbledore around to save his neck, just in the nick of time, year after year.

    Harry has a learning problem. He makes the same mistakes over and over, and the big one has been his keeping secrets from Dumbledore. Remember the trouble he got into by not telling Dumbledore about the Tom Riddle diary? You would think that would have taught him a lesson about the consequences of hiding strange books, but it didn’t.

    I still continue to be disappointed that Harry and Ron aren’t sleeping together after all these years.


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