Changing to Win

Well if any of you look at news sources other than this blog, than you will know that my employer and union has started a process which cannot be stopped. This week SEIU has pulled out of the nations oldest and largest labor federation the AFL-CIO.

A lot of my friends and acquaintances have asked me what I think of the pull out, and I have very little to say. This discussion has been going on for over a year, ever since Andy Stern said, “it’s either time to change the AFL or build something stronger.” I know there are many things happening that I am not privy to, but the leadershipo in my local support the move and I trust them. This is no doubt a huge gamble that could have either huge wins or huge losses, but with union density being as low, as it is (12% I think) than maybe the losses will not be so huge.

This move is going to change the future of the labor movement for sure, and we are on the threshold of that change. I am happy to be in the labor movement right now, because some day we will look back and say “remember when SEIU decided to change the way we build workers’ strength in this country.” And we were here for it.

There is a lot more discussion at


One thought on “Changing to Win

  1. Whether you someday look back and say “remember when …” probably depends on the outcome. If the story turns out to be “remember when the SEIU pulled out of the AFL-CIO and we totally destroyed the labor union in the U.S.”, then I predict you will not be talking about it very much. 😉

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