How many days until he's gone?

Recently my god fearing senator Rick Santorum blamed John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy for the sexual assaults by Catholic Priests in Boston. According to Signore Psychopath it was their liberal ways that allowed these rapes to happen.

Can I get s second on how crazy this bastard really is I mean, whoa nelly. Santorum has slowly but surely slipped farther and farther off the deep end. I think when the GOP let him run wild on the “Ban Gay Marriage” amendment that it has all went to his head. He is one of the riders of the apocalypse now, storming the nation weeding out sinners, condemning the lackadaisical religious, and making sure there is no sun on a nation infested with liberal sodomite whoremongers.

And what did good senators of Massachusetts have to say? Bringing politics into a personal matter is bad or something like that. If I were the spokesman I would have said, “umm I we really having this conversation? Santorum is a liar and the real story is that he has clearly lost his god damned mind.”

However I am just an armchair blogger with a great distaste for my senator and I can’t wait for him to go. Bob Casey (a candidate I I had a hand in defeating at one point) is running so we’ll what can happen.


2 thoughts on “How many days until he's gone?

  1. I like the fact that the article you link to in the Boston Globe ends with the fact that 58 priests in Pennsylvania also faced credible accusations of sexual abuse. What did Rick do to stop it? Did he just sit by and let it happen, as he accused Kennedy and Kerry of doing? Apparently so. No one should be surprised that Santorum is a hypocrit.

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