Bloody Bloody Venezuela

I have always thought that Pat Robertson should be in jail, just so at least he could reform to function as a productive member of society. Now, I think he should be arrested, tried, and found guilty of incitement.

His call for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez is deplorable, especially since the United States has a long history of taking care of he leaders of South and Central America in such a manner. If one of the lead priests of France called for the execution of George W. Bush, we would roll over Paris in no less than six minutes.

I saw he tried to apologize by saying the liberal media misquoted him and he didn’t say assassinate but he said ‘take him out.’ Uhhh yeah.

That deserves a fuck you Pat, yes yes it does.

And the government is trying to ignore all of this, because Robertson is a private citizen and no one is actively to oust Chavez. Also, another uhhh yeah. There are so many capitalists in this world that would pay small fortunes to remove a leader who is dedicated to helping the working masses, I am sure Chavez is one world leaders MOST in danger.

Come the revolution I always wanted to have a piece of Robertson, but I guess Chavez gets the whole thing now. Oh well, there are plenty of other fascists to pick from.


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