Here Come the Judge

HOLD UP! Now this Roberts fellow may be the next Chief Justice? I do not know a lot about the courts and I find it all very strange, but this guy has hurdle after hurdle in becoming a judge and NOW they want to sneak him into the cockpit of the Supreme Court. The world still does not know a lot about him so Bush, I am sure thinks it is easier to move him into the seat than Scalia.

Roberts has such a small record of accomplishment, that I just do not understand how he can be made the man in charge. Will Bush be able to push him through? There was little stopping him from being made an associate Justice. There was a small force against him, but the democrats seem to have caved a while ago.

As I have stated in the past I do not know a lot about the judicial process, but from reading accounts of this man he is extremely religious and tends to side with radical religious organizations in this country. He has been a friend of the Family Research Council and others, and this worries me to no end.

Roberts, I have no doubt, is an advocate for cultural change. He is a man who sees a wholesome nature in June Cleaver and an evil strain in Emma Goldman. I do not know how we stop him. Bush is making this announcement in the middle of the New Orleans disaster, because right now most of the country could care less about a judge. This judge however may affect our lives for as long as we are around.


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