Buddhist-Hating Chechens

There is an article in the Guardian today about some former Taliban officer being elected to the new parliament of Afghanistan. This is not that shocking that a local politician would stay a local politician. It is sick these assholes are still in power but this is not the most intriguing part of the story.

“It was not my decision. It was foreigners like Chechens and Arabs with the Taliban who made the decision. They were crazy people,” he said in a telephone interview, pointing to the influence of foreign Islamic extremists over the hard-line regime. “Even though I was governor, I had no power.”

Notice the blaming of the Chechens? Why would they care about the Giant Buddhas? This just doesn’t seem to fit into anything I have read about Chechnya’s particular rendition of Islam. This comes right on the heels of Putin reaffirming everyone that he will crush Chechnya, no matter the cost.

And we as Americans pay little attention to Chechnya. Most of us do not understand what is going on there, the Beslan school Massacre held our attention for three seconds, and we write this atrocity off. Russia is old news, we worried about them for too many years, let’s ignore them. Right?


The shit we say Saddam is evil for? Murdering the public, gassing the Kurds, etc. That is happening in Chechnya, and more of it is promised. And our President shakes Putin’s hand and says ‘bravo.’ It makes me want to wretch.

Chechnya is a punching bag. We do not fear that the fundamentalist Islam in Chechnya is able to be exported, the ex-Taliban parliament member (no doubt of our choosing) can even nonchalantly blame them for something HE did.

I do not even have a plan of action for you tonight. I am just pissed and bitter, oh and now they think an AIDS epidemic is sweeping through the Chechnya.


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