checkin in

I came back from my first day out for a quick nap. Jet lag started to take over my body, plus I am not use to walking on all of these cobble stone hills.

Let me just say that this city is Amazing. I had pizza and a glass of wine for lunch and then started to walk down a prominent street. I walked through the back alleys and saw some of the most picturesque sights of my life. I promised myself I would take it easy, and stick to a schedule, so that I could see as much as could.

Well that has already failed. I turned the corner from the alley I was walking down and there was the Coliseum. THE COLISEUM!! I didn’t get too close, because then the Roman Forum caught my eye and I started walking through it. I went into churches, saw famous statues, and was just amazed! But, how could I not dive right in? It’s Rome.

(My writing will be worse than usual, I am on a barely functioning keyboard mot layed out in my language)

I walked through the shopping area, and was shocked into silence. I never really got into shopping until I saw this. These people are gorgeous, spend money, and look great doing it. End of the week, I am holding off.

I finished off the afternoon with a smoke on the Spanish Steps. Packed, and so romantic. It would be a perfect place to take a date.

I think I have started figuring out public transit, well see though. It is a bit complicated. Well I am going to go find a bar to relax in and try to meet some kewl people.



2 thoughts on “checkin in

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    First day out and you’re already off schedule. No will power! Letting a little thing like the Coliseum turn your head!

    You’re a disgrace to the Tourists of the world, Josh.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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