The Dolci Vita

Today, I woke up and went to Vatican CIty. If there is one thing that is true, it is that those popes know how to collect art. It was amazing all of these things they had out. The Sistine Chapel was breath taking, and I must have sat their for 20 minutes. There is a spot that shows the coloring before the cleaning, and the place must have been so ugly. Michelangelo really out did anything I have ever seen. This was beautiful beyond words. There is no amount of art books in the world that can actually show you what it is like. I was astonished.

AFter that, I took a less used exit reserved for large groups to get to St. Peter’s Basilica. BIGGEST CHURCH EVER! Some say it shows how much people adore God, other may believe it to be something of an affront. It was truly huge.

Before all of that happened, I started out the morning 3 blocks noth of the vatican at an open market. This was clearly a place tourists do not tread, because there was little English to be had. My goal was to buy lunchtime foods, so I could save money for other things. I had a bit of trouble ordering, but I ended up with a nice loaf of bread, a salami, a bag of about 30 clementines, and a brick of cheese for 8 Euroes. I asked for 1 Euro of Oranges and I got a lot!!! They are a good snack.

After the vatican, I strolled along the Tiber, bought a scarf far more fashionable than the one I brought, and happened upon Piazza Navona (i think that is what it was, my guide book is up stairs). Here I hung out and watched people for an hour or two. I had this wonderful chocolate ice cream called Tortufo. I do not even like chocolate and this was amazing.

Well it is nap time for me, there is more to come.


3 thoughts on “The Dolci Vita

  1. hey josh! you;re in one of my favorite cities. you should go to the “campo de fiore” a lot of bars at night, great to meet people. also the fontana da trevi at night is filled with persons and looks amazing. if i remember anything else i’ll write.
    ciao, mio amico. roma e una citta fantastica!

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