A late Start

Today I did not get out of the hostel until a little before noon. I rolled in at about 5 AM, so I was a little exhausted. I stayed out too late drinking and smoking way too many cigarettes. I decided to take it slow today and just hang out and read. I went to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, which was very lovely. Churches like this are so impressive, and other than a few pilgrims, tourists never touch them.

This church is run by the Vatican. One of the side prayer alters was closed off, but unlocked. I snuck in to look at the art, and next thing a know a papal gaurd is telling me to leave. Stupid cops in their fruity outfits.

I went to Rome’s Asian art museum, which no tourists ever go to (I stumbled upon it.) It was not that impressive, though they had some interesting carvings from southern Afghanistan. A lot of star of David imagery.

I took my coffee in Parco Oppio and just relaxed for a few hours. It was so nice to just sit around and think about about how lovely all of this is. I stopped into two more churched before I left. Both were on the outskirts of the Roman Forum, and I do not have their names handy. The last one was small, but in the back of the sanctuary was a huge glass door. Behind it was the remains of the The Temple of the Divine Romulus. There were no lights on it, but a snarky letter explained that the Italian governement found this site, realzed the church had built over it and made the church preserve it.

I want to read more about this temple, but it seemed VERY intact. Oh well, I am going to find something to eat, and go hang out somewhere. It will be an early night.


2 thoughts on “A late Start

  1. You need to find a cute boy who will cook you traditional Italian meals on a balcony overlooking the Adriatic so that we can keep your car…

  2. Pooping out already? I’m very disappointed, Josh. It’s no doubt the result of not following a sensible schedule and way too much drinking and smoking. 😉

    I think it’s very curious that we have not heard a word about the cute boys. There must have been some cute boys. Otherwise, what was Josh doing until 5 AM?

    I must say that I had no idea that Josh’s idea of a vacation was to spend a lot of time in church.

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