When did the safety leave MSHA

Now, where were we? Oh yes, the insane world in which we live. Yesterday the media began to publish the story, that 11 miners were mistakenly announced to be alive when they were actually dead. One of my blogless comrades and I have been chatting about this, and he has some authority on the topic.

I am not quite sure why the story is “They told us they were alive when they were dead.” Why is no one asking “why did they die.” Safety regulations have been constantly eroded by the Bush administration. Miners, activists, and unionists have been trying to bring this to the attention of the public.

Some safety regulations carry a fine of $100. That is IT! I get a bigger fine smoking in an elevator. When these big mine companies are allowed to considered safety violations as negligible overhead cost, than we have really failed. Coal is still an extremely important commodity with its price steadily rising. The work is extremely dangerous, and these workers risk a lot even under the safest conditions. It is a crime to make it more dangerous for these people, so that the companies can put a few more dollars in their pockets.

At the moment the Acting Assistant Secretary is David G. Dye. A Bush appointee (even though the Clinton appointee performed at a very high level,) from good old Texas . In his statement to the House Appropriations Committee he talks very much about the importance of safety, and yet it seems today he is not making that an issue, and the media has not even asked the question on “what is going on?”

I would like to see a full investigation, not of this incident but of MSHA. This is where the responsibility lies.


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