I had a really terrible time at my job yesterday. I had to drive all the may to the Capitol wait around for a 30 minute presentation and then go home. I was woefully unprepared for the meeting. I thought my boss was going to be leading it, and I thought most of it was about me getting a raise. It ended up being about a draft proposal I worked on months ago. I was nervous and edgy and everyone clearly knew it. It really sucked a lot, and I felt like shit.

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing in this job. I try to convince myself that this is what I really want, but I just feel like I am such a failure at it. I wish I could find something I was truly great at.

I told my best friend I had a bad day at work on the drive home, and she showed very little sympathy for me. All I got was a few snide comments and more making fun of me juxtaposed some ephemeral compliments about me being “cute.”

What in the fuck am I doing with my life?


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