funerals, what are they good for

Across the nation, Fred Phelp’s mnistry from Westboro baptist church has brought states to begin passing laws limiting people protesting funerals. One of our very own legislatures is very angry about the matter, because right now the funerals are focused on soldiers who died in Iraq. Mr. Pippy is angry as a fellow serviceman, but I wonder why he or his friends never stepped forward in the past 15 years while this group people who died from HIV/AIDS. Why is a soldier’s life worth more than that of citizen who is infected with a serious disease? A disease that may have been maintained if Ronald Reagan would have cared enough to have done something about it in 1981.

The answer is clear. A dead soldier is a patriot whose memory keeps an unjust war fueld, while a citizen who dies of HIV/AIDS is merely just a faggot.

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