Donde esta Josh?

Many of you may not know, but I am working on a campaign in Massachusetts right now. Pennsylvania, though very important, is not in need of my skills, so I came up to Massachusetts to work on a campaign. Yes on 3 For Kids is my first ballot initiative work, and it is a really great campaign. My fancy title right now is Deputy Communications Director.

What is incredible about this campaign is that this is something that actually matters. It will fundamentally benefit the lives on over 12,000 child care providers here. The thing with something like this is the infinite ripple affect. These workers (if we win) will have the right to form a union. They could form a union bargain to not make poverty wages, get decent healthcare, etc. Providers who are taken care of are more relaxed to give higher quality of care to children. Those children learn more and on and on and on.

I am working with my usual partner in crime Dawn. We make a pretty good team I think. When this campaign is over I think I want to rethink what I am doing and consider some work that is a bit more tangible than this boring database stuff. I sort of miss the campaign trail, but not for the sake of campaigning, but rather because it is something that allows one to actually work with real people.

Just a thought.


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