Computers Are Good

This year there has been a lot of great software innovations and I wanted to make a list of the ones that I am now using regularly. Everyone has their list, and mine is not really any different, but here you go.

  1. Meebo – I dropped off the instant messaging radar for a few months, just because there are so many and I work on many different computers across multiple platforms. I found meebo, and I have totally fallen in love with it. If you want to finally clean up all of those instant messenger accounts you have, register them all with meebo.
  2. Plaxo – Not new, but now it works for my Mac. Life is good.
  3. Ubuntu – Can I say anything more? This is a really really great Linux distro for anyone who wants to give up on Micro$oft, and weary of Apple, and just want to seem kewl by running Linux.
  4. Google Apps for Your Domain – is part of this. It is just a great and handy way to googlify yourself on the web. And it is FREE!
  5. µTorrent – This is the best torrent client I have ever used. It is fast, doesn’t fee too bulky, and all around very handy. I just wish they’d make a OS X version (I am using Acquisition instead.)
  6. Google Reader – The best rss reader out there. It travels with me, lets me tag, and quickly save articles. Everyone should drop whatever crappy rss reader they have, and switch to it.

Software I am interested in watching:

  • Wengophone – I myself am a Skype user, but a free open source alternative is here. I really want to switch over to this, but I am going to wait until it develops a wee bit more.
  • Google Calendar – Please Google, I want this to sync to my desktop calendar, until then, it is a nice idea.

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