The Jungle

I just got back from a weekend at a jungle lodge. The lodge is called Huasquila and I give it a big thumbs up. My camera broke while I was there, but that is no fault of the lodge. I stayed in a big cabana with the most wonderful hammock out in front. The food at the lodge was so good, they made a great meal with fresh mushrooms. The mushrooms were purchased by our driver on the way there.

In the Amazon there are development projects right now that are investing in people growing mushrooms in storehoused medium. It is a good idea, because that means the local farmers do not need to clear so much forest for typical farmland.

While we were at the lodge we did a great nature hike, where I learned a ton about plants used as medicines by the local people. It was really fascinating and I definitely ate a lot of plants that I will never remember what they were supposed to do. I went to a cave which was a bit more intense than I assumed, and it is where I camera broke. Canon believes they are able to repair it, I am very sad about this, because I doubt I’ll have it back in time for the Christmas holiday.

The trip was a great three day weekend excursion, and I would love to go back again. If anyone comes to visit me from the states, I am going to highly suggest we take a few days to relax at the lodge.


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